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DCIM and DMaaS Impact of cloud, edge and hybrid IT


Instant access to critical information on your infrastructure, whether on or off premises.

Reduce your risk of downtime through proactive notification on potential infrastructure risks.



Get key metrics and insights on your data center performance, with actionable recommendations on how to improve, including a health score and alarm and incident statistics.


Vendor neutral

One platform for monitoring all the different devices in your data center.

Smart alarming, reducing the noise by highlighting the issues that require your attention.


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"EcoStruxure ensures continued learning at Bainbridge Island School District"

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"Increasing energy efficiency at Cardiff University ARCCA HPC data center"

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"At CenturyLink, we’ve gained a lot of benefits from using DCIM software. We’ve tied everything into a common platform, the DCIM structure."

A highly secure monitoring application, enabled through a cloud-based platform, that delivers live data via smartphone, with big data analytics for reporting and recommendations for improvements

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Centralized overview

Polls devices for alarms and compares data against acceptable thresholds. Looks holistically at data derived from IT and infrastructure devices.


Big data analytics

Recommendations on how to improve resource allocation by considering redundancy, space, planning, priorities, and more

Whether located in a data center, remote office, or campus environment, Data Center Expert and the Schneider Electric power, cooling, environmental, and security devices combine to provide a comprehensive centralized monitoring solution.

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Minimize response times to critical situations

Real-time monitoring and instant fault notification and escalation enable quick resolution of critical physical infrastructure events.


Reduce the time needed to install and deploy

End-to-end data center infrastructure management software for monitoring and control of power, cooling, security, and energy usage from the building through IT systems

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Our cloud-based asset and planning application enables Facility and Data Center Managers to reduce opex, plan for uptime and automate reporting for auditing and senior management by optimizing existing and new capacities, analysing business impact, automating workflow and deploying energy-based billing – all made available through real-time insights into the current physical infrastructure.

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For full audit trail

Identifying and tracking current physical infrastructure assets and their location, enabling a deep understanding of the environment and visualization of how it affects the individual pieces of equipment.


Instant identification of business impact

Planning and analysing the infrastructure for identifying where to place the next server, and if there are any capacity constraints.

On-premise management software combines the physical location of your equipment with live status to better understand dependencies and the impact on the rest of the data center.

Plan future improvements with flexible workflow processes. Predict the impact of changes, and benefit from shared visibility and reporting from the executive level to operators.

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Vendor-neutral inventory management

Visibility into data center assets, power usage, and power capacity using any modern web browser


Extend the lifecycle of the data center

Plan and optimize utilization of actual physical infrastructure capacities using a shared data center model for efficient equipment provisioning and right-sizing your data center

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Proactively minimize downtime with insights and smart alarming directly to your smartphone. Instant access to live sensor data in the mobile app gives you visibility into the health and lifecycle of your assets whether you’re on premise or on the go.

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Your data center in the palm of your hand.

EcoStruxure IT gives you an instant overview of your data center – no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


Instant access on the go

Skip the hassle of logging in to VPN when there’s an alarm in the middle of the night. Just open your app and view the alarm data to resolve the issue.

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EcoStruxure Power

Delivers safe, reliable and efficient power for peace of mind and significant financial benefits. IoT-enabled future-proof solutions are tailored to meet specific needs. IoT-connected solutions ready to improve every aspect of your electrical distribution system. Take total control with real-time data and smart analytics for predictive maintenance.

EcoStruxure IT

In a connected world, it's now more important than ever to protect information and data. Ensure that your data center's physical infrastruture can adapt quickly to support future demand driven by IoT and growth – in the Cloud and at the edge – without ever compromising availability or operational efficiency.

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