Bangkok Insurance

"The data center is a key success factor to becoming the leader in this it allows us to run business more easily... to enable us to sell products more effectively."

Senior Vice President, IT Department

Quick Overview

  • SS 564

  • Maximized

    energy efficiency
  • Real-time

  • Improved

  • Consolidated

    IT architecture
  • Track

    energy performance
  • Continuous

  • Lower

    total cost of ownership


Bangkok Insurance focused on data center management because they realized that without the right solution, they would be unable to accommodate their customers’ business requirements.

  • Advanced technologies – Contribute to new services, expanding, and maintaining customers
  • Energy insights – Real-time efficiency reports to see where energy is being consumed
  • Optimized cooling – InRow™ Cooling for proper ventilation and integration with DCIM System


Bangkok Insurance’s new data center expansion plans focus on future growth. Decisions are based on data center management software and electrical and cooling system technologies to effectively manage their entire data center.

  • “DCIM or Data Center InfraStruxure Management software is the right solution that can manage energy and operation costs.”
  • “The (DCIM) software can drill into subsystems…to see where energy is consumed throughout the data center and report in real time.”
  • DCIM “can model systems such as power and cooling to decide where cutbacks are possible without heightening system risks.”
  • The InRow™ Cooling air conditioning system provides a horizontal airflow pattern so equipment inlet temperatures stay consistent and adequate for optimal operations.

Product Solution

•  Manages energy and operation costs

•  Real-time reports of data center energy consumption

•  Power and cooling models provide feedback for cutbacks

•  Energy insights for OpEx savings

StruxureWare for Data Centers Value

"Data Center" is a key factor of the success to become the leader in this business.



Our data center runs 24 hours throughout the year.



Deliver data center expertise and the most up-to-date technical information to help us implement suitable choices.


smart data center management solution

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) provides optimization, with an inRow™ cooling system so the equipment inlet temperatures stay constant and adequate for optimal operations.