Global Foundries

As their business demands, capabilities, and converged systems increased, Global Foundries experienced a significant rise in data center energy use, leading to a decision to attain SS 564 Certification, widely recognized for strict global standards and quality assurance. StruxureWare for Data Centers was crucial to achieving this certification.

Quick Overview

  • SS 564

  • Maximized

    energy efficiency
  • Real-time

  • Improved

  • Consolidated

    IT architecture
  • Track

    energy performance
  • Continuous

  • Lower

    total cost of ownership


Global Foundries prides itself as the world’s first full-service semiconductor foundry to deliver a global manufacturing and technology footprint.

Partnering with a global specialist in energy management was critical for Global Foundries to attaining their SS 564 Certification goal.

The StruxureWare for Data Centers solution offered the ability to accurately design, review assets, and operate an energy efficient data center.

  • SS 564 Certification - Highest quality, accuracy, and scalability
  • Standardization and integration – Power, cooling, racks, management, and services
  • High availability and agility – Lower total cost of ownership
  • Standard metric alignment – Continuously monitor and report energy use
  • Optimized data center– Maximize energy efficiency and improve PUE
  • Competitive edge – Industry recognition and new market opportunities


To accomplish maximizing energy efficiency, Global Foundries adopted the Singapore Green Data Centers Standards: SS 564 Certification, the world’s first energy and environment management systems standard.

  • It was critical to partner with a global specialist in energy management, intimate with all aspects of the data center life cycle to achieve SS 564 Certification.
  • StruxureWare for Data Centers’ team delivered a complete Physical Infrastruxure solution for expansion and consolidation of IT architecture.
  • Strict global standards and quality assurance process underpinned the approach to attaining certification, ensuring the highest quality, accuracy, and scalability in the certification journey.
  • Increase availability by standardizing and integrating power, cooling, racks, management, and services

Product Solution

DCIM software:

•  Improved PUE

•  Increased energy performance and efficiency

•  Complete Data Center Physical Infrastructure (DCPI) solution

•  Set the foundation for continuous improvement

StruxureWare for Data Centers Value

StruxureWare for Data Centers allows Global Foundries to continuously track the facility’s energy performance and efficiency, and effectively manage the operations of their complex and mission-critical IT environment in real time.

Deployed DCIM system

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Metered rack PDUs and digital power meters continually track energy performance, efficiency, and real-time operation management of mission-critical IT environment

SS 564 Certification

Singapore Green Data Centres Standards

Attaining SS 564 Certification is a testament to compliance with strict global standards and quality assurance processes, and excellent energy and environment management practices.


energy efficiency

Improved PUE, and helped gain industry recognition and build credibility.