Sky UK Limited

"The most efficient data center is the one you don’t have to build. At Sky, we want to be able to measure what capacity we have as a resource, and understand how long it will be before we need additional infrastructure."

Head of Data Center Operations

Quick Overview

  • 1,000

    server racks
  • Centralized

    holistic monitoring
  • Improved

  • Ongoing

  • Compliance

    with full audit trail
  • Users

    are engaged and informed
  • Real-time

  • Single



"Uptime is the primary goal and responsibility of the operations team, but maximizing capacity and efficiency while minimizing our carbon footprint is high on the agenda too."

Head of Data Center Operations

  • Measure capacity – How long until we need additional infrastructure?
  • Track efficiency – Which servers do we decommission or further virtualize?
  • Raise awareness – What is the IT usage across the whole Sky business?
  • Leading innovation – Our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation.


Building a business case for the DCIM project was greatly enhanced because all the stakeholders are invested in the same corporate aim: to reduce energy use and increase efficiency.

  • StruxureWare for Data Centers software suite includes all the key components of a comprehensive DCIM toolset, with integration and functionality to make it central to Sky’s data center operations.
  • The approach optimized and streamlined the whole process, with a single dashboard where assets, racks, and BMS data are viewed on a single screen.
  • The IT Optimize software module makes it easier to identify assets that could be candidates for virtualizing, re-provisioning, or retiring.

Product Solution

•  Single integrated system

•  Centralized asset management

•  Optimized power utilization

•  Improved capacity and performance

•  Longevity and continuous improvement

StruxureWare for Data Centers Value

"StruxureWare for Data Centers software suite includes all key components of a truly comprehensive DCIM toolset."

Maximized efficiency

minimized carbon footprint

Understanding data center estate efficiency eliminates the need to build unnecessary facilities.

Automatic notifications for server under-usage helps achieve carbon footprint.



Before implementing the Data Center Operation solution, Sky was using several tools that were not integrated and were missing functionality. Now the whole data center estate is monitored with a single dashboard to see assets, rack, and BMS data.



Adopting Data Center Infrastruxure Management (DCIM) provided optimization and right-sized data center equipment for energy efficiency, such as implementing an inRow™ cooling system and adjusting the floor layout.



Users are informed of potential improvements in performance, usage, budget, and carbon saving from better provisioned resources.


human error

Integrated change management reduced human error and improved workflow.



Compliance and reduced time with full audit trail.