Rethinking data center management

Edge computing is driving new requirements for our systems. 

New technologies like big data, cloud analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) can help solve existing and emerging data center problems.

We recognize the need to rethink our approach and embrace a broader ecosystem in data center management.

Data Center Management as a Service (DMaaS)

Different from on-premise and SaaS-delivered DCIM, DMaaS aggregates and analyzes large sets of anonymized customer data that can be enhanced with machine learning.

A key goal is to predict and prevent data center infrastructure incidents and failures, and to detect inefficiencies or capacity shortfalls.

DMaaS also ties cloud-based monitoring to maintenance and fix services, enabling a full-service business model for suppliers.

DMaaS will revolutionize data center
and IT management

DMaaS is the natural evolution of DCIM.

We have years of experience creating a world-leading DCIM platform. We're using that to create a cloud-based vendor-neutral Software as a Service architecture that will guide data centers, edge, and hybrid IT environments safely into the future.

It's called EcoStruxure IT.

IT industry data lake

Data centers track a lot of data, but it is all siloed data, sitting on premise and available only to the people accessing the local systems.

To make sense of the data and derive analytics, the data needs to be connected in a data lake.  Then you can start to apply big data analytics across all the data, and benchmark between the data sets, bringing actionable insights.

Businesses can now base decisions on facts, removing guess work.

How is DMaaS different from DCIM?

The key differentiator between DMaaS and DCIM is the data lake. 

Analytics is derived from anonymized data across the global cloud collection. Recommendations are provided based on machine learning and improved knowledge within the cloud platform. 

Your data can be accessed anywhere, so you no longer have to be on premise or depend on VPN to assess a risk and engage the right people.

Why should I care?

  • Get accurate information to base your decisions on. It’s easy - deployment takes just 30 minutes.
  • Gain global visibility, mobility, and analytics
  • Pay as you go with a flexible subscription model
  • Automatic software updates and backup
  • Always up-to-date cyber security
  • On the softer side, help your staff maintain work-life balance

How we handle your data

We collect sensor data and alarms from critical infrastructure

devices that you choose to share with us.

We only collect data about the performance of your equipment,

and metadata such as where it’s located and how old it is.

EcoStruxure IT does not access any data stored on your servers

or storage, or monitor any traffic passed through your network.

More information

billion data points

million sensors

monitored daily by the IT industry data lake

customers globally

How we handle your data