EcoStruxure for Data Centers

Innovation at Every Level

An IoT-enabled, open, and interoperable
architecture spanning the 3 domains
of data center expertise:

•  EcoStruxure Power

•  EcoStruxure IT

•  EcoStruxure Buildings


Ensures data centers are reliable, efficient, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective

EcoStruxure maximizes the value of data by turning it into actionable intelligence so you can make better business decisions.
This Application Note describes the architecture and answers frequently asked questions about what it is, how it helps, how it will impact our product offers, and more.

EcoStruxure Power

Delivers safe, reliable and efficient power for peace of mind and significant financial benefits. IoT-enabled future-proof solutions are tailored to meet specific needs. IoT-connected solutions ready to improve every aspect of your electrical distribution system. Take total control with real-time data and smart analytics for predictive maintenance.

Panel Builder Value:

Secure project lead time, quality, and saves costs from design to commissioning.

EcoStruxure IT

In a connected world, it's now more important than ever to protect information and data. Ensure that your data center's physical infrastruture can adapt quickly to support future demand driven by IoT and growth – in the Cloud and at the edge – without ever compromising availability or operational efficiency.

A new approach to data center management to ensure smart use of your resources:

Instant access to critical information on your infrastructure - whether on or off premises. Reduce your risk of downtime through proactive notification on potential infrastructure risks.

EcoStruxure Buildings

From design, through integration to commissioning, EcoStruxure™ Building brings best-in-class engineering efficiency to your building. Combined with our asset and energy performance services, we enable lifetime efficiency of your building ensuring productivity and comfort for occupants.

Building energy management with innovation at every level:

Energy costs are constantly growing, affecting buildings of all types or sizes, everywhere. You need innovative solutions to reduce energy costs, improve efficiency, meet sustainability goals and boost building value while keeping a productive and comfortable environment for occupants.

Support on our products

Support on our products

We always offer support on our products.

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